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Javascript applets

Javascript applets

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Click here for comprehensive JavaScript tutorials, and over + free scripts! A applet that gives any image a "flying stars" background. Very cool! Wavy Lake. The obsolete HTML Applet Element (applet) embeds a Java applet into the document; this element has been deprecated in favor of object. What type of JavaScript Applets are there? Business and Finance: financial functions, inventory management, sales, and other business applications.

var x = rakhiwithfabelle.com; The applets collection returns a collection of all applet> elements in the JavaScript reference: HTML DOM Object Object. Javascript is an easy-to-use programming language that can be embedded in the header of your webpages. It can enhance the dynamics and interactive. Applet Scripting: Applets & Javascript. Examples. My Applet Scripting Examples. Download the source for the examples below. Applets and Javascript - Example .

Because Java code is architecture neutral, (aka "platform/operating system independent"), Java applications are ideal for the diverse environment of the Internet. JavaScript code on a web page can interact with Java applets embedded on the page. JavaScript code can perform operations such as the following. Java applets can invoke JavaScript functions present in the same web page as the applet. The LiveConnect Specification describes details about how. Javascript can be written to directly call into a Java Applet's methods (example here) and, with a little love, a Java Applet can execute Javascript.