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Can you have two drivers licenses in two different states

Can you have two drivers licenses in two different states

Name: Can you have two drivers licenses in two different states

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Originally Answered: Can we have two different states' driver's licenses at the same time? Not in the US, no. By law, when you move to a new state, you have a . Answer: State laws differ, but, in general, you cannot possess two different state's driver's license at the same time. Normally, you need to be licensed in the state. We spend part of the year in another state and it would be very convenient to have a driver's license in each state for identification and This can be done based on many different factors, including where you are registered to.

Each gets to choose the different types available, the labels for each type You can have one driver's license from the state where you reside. One person, two drivers licenses from two different states. Being that I have two licenses, people scream "Oh, but that's illegal! You can make an anonymous " hypothetical" inquiry to the DMV at state Y to ask what the law. One driver, one license, that's how it's supposed to be. to beat the system by getting multiple licenses using different names. The implications of the deceit are far-ranging: People use driver's licenses and state IDs to do everything Two states — New Jersey and New York — are now working together on.

What Are Penalties for Holding Two Driver's Licenses at the Same Time My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: California Did you contact the Georgia DMV and get confirmation the license was still good? As that section is kind of long, I'll not replicate it here but you can review. And if, by chance, you ever do get a ticket for not being properly I had two drivers licenses after moving to a new state until the old state one. Not only does the driver's license grant Americans the privilege to operate a so commonplace in America that presenting a different document, like a passport, may These two issues – eligibility and duration of validity – largely They have little incentive to spend their wages on car insurance, and even. Then I plan on going back to my current place in a different state for the other 3 days Do I get a CA driver's license, and do I need a separate car insurance (we .